If you are considering moving to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and are wondering about neighborhoods offering easy commutes here is some helpful information.  Almost everyone moving to the Eastern Shore for the first time thinks primarily about Kent Island as the closest area for ease in commuting to the Western Shore.  There are great areas on Kent Island for easy commuting.  For instance Cloverfields which is north of Route 50 is a great neighborhood offering easy access to Route 50.  There is less traffic and you can very quickly be on Route 50 east or westbound.  On the south side of Route 50 Bay City is a great choice because it has a traffic light to quickly let you get on the road to your destination.

However, there are other great areas a little further east of the Bay Bridge.  In Grasonville you have Prospect Bay and Greenwood to name a few which are close to an overpass allowing for quick access to Route 50 in either direction.  Another great choice is anything off of Bennett Point Road.  There is a quick and easy overpass to westbound Route 50 and very easy access to eastbound Route 50.

When you venture just a few miles east of the Bay Bridge you may actually find the trip shorter and easier than some areas of Kent Island.  There are so many great choices to make commuting a breeze.

If you have any questions about these or any other neighborhoods on the Eastern Shore please give me a call.  And remember to Buy Smart, Sell Smart with Laurie Dellane.