When prepping your home to sell there are a few things you can do to show your home in its best light and therefore get you the best price in the shortest time. 

The first impression a potential buyer will get of your home is when they pull up in front  for the first time.  The immediate curb appeal of your home is vital.  What can you do to make a buyer say, “WOW”?  Power wash your siding and walkways.  Nothing says neglect like mildew.  If a buyer sees this they will automatically think the rest of the home is neglected.  Weed and mulch your flowerbeds and put out bright potted plants.  Mow your lawn and wash your windows.  If your house looks great from the outside it will draw potential buyers inside.  I have driven so many people around to look at homes that have pulled up to a home and refused to even go inside because of the exterior condition. 

On the inside clean, clean, clean!  Steam clean your carpets, wash your windows, scrub your sinks and bathrooms including showers and tubs because if you were wondering, yes they will look!  Organize your closets, cabinets and kitchen drawers.  Buyers are going to open these.  Next clean out your basement and garage.  Buyers want to be able to see the potential storage space. 

Next, declutter.  It is important to remove as many of your personal belongings as possible.  While you love the pictures your child drew which are hanging all over your refrigerator remember that a buyer isn’t going to find them as endearing as you do.  Likewise your walls and walls of family photos aren’t going to allow a potential buyer to see the house as theirs.

If you have walls which are full of crayon markings, finger prints or are painted bright purple you should consider repainting the walls in something bright and neutral.  Remember that the goal is for a home buyer to be able to envision this as their new home. 

It is never a bad idea to consider having a few inspections done prior to putting your home on the market.  A termite inspection is a good idea as are well and septic tests if you live where there is private water and sewer.  A regular home inspection is also a good idea.  Most sellers will have at least a few things that need to be repaired and it never hurts to be proactive and get them done prior to listing your home.

Finally you can move on to staging.  If necessary rearrange furniture to show a room to its maximum potential.  The way most of us actually live isn’t necessarily the best way to show your home.  Consider placing fresh flowers in vases around the home.  Open your drapes and blinds.  And don’t forget to stage the outside.  If you have a gorgeous patio or screened in porch try to arrange the furniture in a pleasing way so that a buyer can envision spending many enjoyable hours here. 

Many of these things are cheap to do or even free, but they can make a huge difference in attracting potential home buyers.